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Intuitive Development Certification



We are all psychic and can use our own intuition in many practical ways. Some can call upon their own intuition at will and some may have trouble accessing this. If you are having trouble accessing your own intuition, this would be the series of classes for you. You will be gently guided instructed to access and awaken the psychic being within. The classes are very intense and fun with lots of games (exercises). In the class you get direct training and practice. I will work with you until you fully understand what you are doing. You will also learn how to protect yourself and use your first instincts always.


What you will learn


  • Meditation & Visualizations

  • What the word Psychic Means

  • Pineal Glad

  • How to take care of the brain

  • The EGO

  • How to do a Psychic Reading

  • Your strengths

  • What dreams are

  • Oracle Card Readings

  • Pendulum Readings

  • Basic Numerology

  • Learn About Animal Totems

  • Mediumship

  • Telepathy

  • Remote Viewing

  • Viewing inside the body

  • Light Healing

  • Sending Love and Light

  • The Chakra System

  • Channeling

  • Moving earthbound negative Energy

  • Psychometry

  • How to call in your angels and spirit guides




Each student finds out what they are best at and are encouraged to use that ability first. We are all different and have different purposes. Some will find that they can use their abilities at their place of work or will develop their career out of their abilities. We are all intuitive, and use our intuition on a daily basis we just don’t realize it. When we step into using our abilities with intent and consciously, we are able to progress through this life with grace and ease because we will “know” what’s next.


In this class you learn how to meditate, nourish the brain and how to shut off some senses to activate others. We will have fun psychic games to play as well as exercises that will only improve your abilities. You will also get to learn all about the EGO and how it can help and hurt us. You will learn what it means to be “Psychic” and how to do a psychic reading. I will teach you how to connect directly with Source and to tap into your guides and Angles. You will learn to speak with others guides and Angels as well. We will move prohibiting beliefs with ThetaHealing. We will discuss what supplements, herbs, and food can help you along with your journey. We will learn how to “Let go” and most important how to use your “imagination”.

You will learn how to use and apply the use of tools such as cards, pendulums, and ultimately Mediumship. We will also discuss how to read dreams and what animals in dreams mean.


By day 3 you will be working with coordinates, remote viewing, crystals, and you will be able to effectively give a healing to your fellow classmates. You will also get to play with telepathy. 


Intuitive Development is a 4 day class that unlock the psychic within. Everyone has the abilities and it is our birth right to use these abilities. We all use our intuition on a daily basis, some of us are just not aware of it. You will be taken on the journey of self-exploration from the very basic point of intuition, to being able to view inside the body and to use light to heal. Intuitive development will teach you not only the basics on using your intuition at will but you will also learn about and how to use tools such as pendulums, cards and crystals. Topics also covered in this series will be Mediumship, dreams, telepathy, Chakras,  Meditation, remote viewing, clairaudience, clairvoyance, healing and much more.


Pre-registration Starts now to Sept 25th
Pre -registration Price $550

Regular Registration Starts Sept 25th – October 16th 
Registration Price $600

Day 1 – Saturday October 21st from 9am – 3pm
Day 2 – Sunday October 22nd from 9am - 3pm
Day 3 –Saturday October 28th from 9am – 3pm
Day 4 – Sunday October 29th from 9am – 3pm

You were created limitless. There is nothing you cannot achieve.

Call Now to Reserve Your Space

~Pre-Registration Fees are non-refundable should you cancel for any reason. There is a 50% charge on Regular Registration fees for reservations made between September 25th -October 16th ~



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