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Gratitude Blessing/Love Donation

What is a Gratitude Blessing or Love Donation?

Giving from our heart in proportion to what we receive is what is meant by the gratitude blessing or love donation. It is not tied to financial obligations, but sincere expression of appreciation. The exact value cannot be measured.
People give what they can and for each person, in every enlightenment service, ceremony, or class it should be relative to their experience. The Universe orchestrates giving from the heart.

The important thing is that we complete the circle of giving and receiving. A sincere offering allows the effects of the service or ceremony to be fully delivered. We deprive ourselves when we take without offering in return because we break the energetic flow of reciprocity. As we give so shall we receive.  Placing an offering on the altar at the end is appropriate.
It puts responsibility on each individual to determine the worth of the experience in relationship to his or her means.


Sometimes, people feel stress in deciding and will ask me to give them a ball park figure. In that case, I liken it at the very least, to an enjoyable evening of entertainment. How much would you spend on a good meal, a movie with snacks, a concert or sporting event? At the bare minimum, with no understanding of the power of prayer and ceremony to serve as a magnifier and catalyst for the law of attraction, the value should be considered for the uniqueness of the experience.  

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