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Sacred Space Of Wilmington's Mission

The mission of Sacred Space Of Wilmington is to provide an interfaith ministry where all people of all traditions can share in the spiritual gifts of the Universe.

The everyday practice of this Ministry is simply to develop a complete acceptance and openness to all beliefs, to all people who are experiencing or questioning their Spirituality. A Ministry of open perception and knowing of the perfection of divinity within every human heart.

Sacred Space of Wilmington is open to all faiths and does not require members to renounce their religious beliefs or membership in other churches or religious orders to become a member. This Ministry is open to everyone.

The Ministry is in the form of meetings, gatherings, circles, movies and classes where there will be exchanges of concepts and ideas along the spiritual path. Everyone is welcomed to find their own true nature, their own true faith, hope, trust and healing.

To achieve this goal Sacred Space Of Wilmington in its’ simplest definition of a group of friends who study, work, and worship together as individuals sharing themselves with each other.

Through sharing of each individual’s personal faith and spiritual experience all members are enlightened and enriched.

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