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The Spiritual Radio Network is a place where you can get the spiritual help and education you have been looking for.

As the name denotes, The Spiritual Radio Network is an online spiritual radio network with many different

free programs for you to listen to to help you. 

The Spiritual Radio Network is back and we have fresh new spiritual ideas to complement your spiritual life. Whether you are just stepping into a spiritual life style or you are wanting a big boost into the next realm, you will enjoy the helpful tips. 

The Spiritual Radio Network does not own any rights to this song or any music used during the broadcast.

The Spiritual Radio Network is a worldwide online spiritual radio broadcast. Occasionally we will be taking calls from the public. If you would like the chance to ask a question, please push 1 while you are on hold listening to the show and we will do our best to get to you. Answering public calls is at our discretion.


Spirituality with a twist for the modern spiritualist! 




All Rights Reserved by The Spiritual Radio Network.

Goddess Talk

Unleash Your Inner Goddess

The Second Monday Night of the Month at 9pm - Goddess Talk

                                                                                               Order your Goddess Box today at!

Lea Esplana -

Anaswara Erica -

Maiden Minx - 


To order more supplies call Anaswara @ 910-622-4466 or email her at


Goddess Talk is a spiritual radio show encouraging women to find their empowerment by unleashing and embracing their inner goddess. Join your hosts Lea Esplana The Yoga Goddess, Anaswara Erica The Intuitive Psychic Medium and Healer, and Maiden Minx The Hedge Witch & Alchemist on a monthly journey of self discovery and healing. We will have guided meditation and tools to assist you in your own Goddess Lifestyle!


Enlighten & Empower

Master Your Own Divine Potential

Tuesday Nights at 9pm EST

Enlighten & Empower is a weekly spiritual radio show encouraging you to embrace your spiritual being and allow your divine self to shine. Join your hosts, Anaswara Erica and Maiden Minx of Goddess Talk, Tuesday Nights at 9pm to rediscover your divine being.

The spiritual life isnt always easy, but it is so much more rewarding. We will give you everything we got to aid you in living the life you hope to live. It's time to wake up!


Anaswara Erica:


Maiden Minx: 

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